This project was made in collaboration with Yutaan Lin and Hunter Milroy

Armature is a 3D part design project where our team used 3D printing and scanning to create a custom medical rehabilitation device. We were interested in the potential for 3D fabrication methods to make medical device customization work flows more fluid. This project all started with one of my sketches (seen below) and included a lot of primary research into what aspects of the medical world had already been explored us- ing these methods of fabrication. We carried on to explore the arm cast and how it could be designed to accommodate changing stages of healing. We 3D scanned our body using an Ipad structure sensor which gave us a mesh which we uploaded to Fusion 360 and used to model a brace around.

One of the primary features of this design is that, because of the quick release mechanism, you can easily don the brace your self without needing the assistance of someone else. Also removing your arm for small exercises to improve blood flow is quick and easy.