My name is Andrés Somasco and I am a multidisciplinary designer with a background in carpentry and welding. After graduating from high school I went directly into the trades working on projects from residential housing to steel structural welding.

After 10 years I decided to go back to university to pursue my passion for design.

This work on this portfolio site is mostly the work that I have done at Emily CarrUniversity in the Industrial Design program because I feel that these projects best portray my design process. There is also some work from an industrial design job I acquired outside the university as well as some of my more creative work done as a trades person.


I come from a family of mixed cultural backgrounds my father being from Argentina with Spanish and Italian heritage and my mother being from Canada with English and German heritage. I have lived in South America and travelled to many parts of the world and this multiculturalism often shines through in my design work and is very important to my identity.


I am deeply interested in the consequences and also potential of the digitization of design and how it structures our social, economic and built environments. This interest has led me to become proficient in several 3D modelling softwares and digital fabrication methods. I am starting my Masters in Architecture (MArch) at UBC (University of British Columbia) in September 2022 and I hope to continue these inquiries and practices into the design of space and buildings.