This project was made in collaboration with Hunter Milroy

Natural Affect

Design for Biodiversity is a project that is runs in second year industrial design which seeks to support nature by creating stronger bonds between humans and the natural world. Hunter and I identified that we felt an overwhelming connection to the natural world when doing observational drawings and building 3D prototypes of different forms of life. We set out on a journey to figure out how to make this type of drawing exercise more accessible to the public who didn’t have the same education in observational drawing as ourselves.

Through extensive sketching, prototyping and testing methods we came up with this idea to create a series of drawing tools which people could use to draw simplified versions of the forms they saw in nature. This practice of observing and then re-depicting forces people to look more closely at the life around them noticing things about nature that they may never have paid close attention to before.

This project is less about the practical ways in which we can practice environmental- ism and more about how we can change our relationship to nature through the creation of rituals that appeal to our emotional connection with our direct surroundings.